Orbitcrops provides farmers with a new way to monitor their fields. Through high-definition images combined with filters we are able to analyze crop healths, condition and water usage of their agricultural systems.
Through innovative algorithms developed in the past 5 years of research we are able to predict the growth and development of the crop allowing farmers to maximize the efficiency of their field while decreasing the use of resources.


By 2050 we will need to feed 10 billion people and it will be impossible to do so if we do not optimize the use of our resources.
This has led us to conceive a new way to increase the efficiency and productivity agricultural systems.
We strive to enhance the profitability of farmers worldwide with a special focus on inputs optimization, such as water and fertilizer.
We aim to become one of the leading companies in the agriculture sector.


OrbitCrops was founded in KAUST by people with same purpose: make the world a better place.
Matteo and Bruno are Researchers at KAUST and have been operating in Saudi Arabia for the past five years, applying crop yield/hydrological modeling and remote sensing solutions for the Kingdom’s agricultural sector.
Together with Mirko, a Software Engineer, the team operates the most comprehensive collection of satellite systems, data and sensors in the Middle East.

Matteo Ziliani
CEO of Orbitcrops

Mirko Ziliani
CIO of Orbitcrops

Bruno Aragon
COO of Orbitcrops


We provide farmers with crucial information about their field. They are able to monitor the status of their fields in real time using high-resolution satellite images that we process using state-of-the-art algorithm.

  • What we provide ?
  • Crop health indicator at three meter resolution delivered on a daily bases.
  • Crop water use information with irrigation with reccomandation of irrigation scheduling and amount.
  • On farm weather stations for wheather real time monitoring and forecasting up to ten days
  • Wheather information (temperature, rain fall, radiation, etc) are accessible from any remote internet connected devices.
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